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Introduction (Blaux Portable AC Reviews)

The summer comes with excitement, fun, and lots of energy, but most especially – sweltering heat. With each summer hotter than the last, buying an air conditioner is a no-brainer.

Even though we’ll all like to take a break from the cold weather of winter and spring, and enjoy the hot summer sun, the sweltering sun can quickly become unbearable.

Getting an Air Conditioner is one way to guarantee you can stay cool and fresh all summer.

But it comes at a cost.

If the cost of purchase and installation of a window-mounted AC doesn’t deter you, electricity cost is sure to give you second thoughts about getting an AC.

But don’t fret. Here’s why.

For a fraction of the cost of installing a window-mounted AC, you can remain cool during the hot summer without having to blow up your monthly expenditure on AC costs or having to designate a space in your home to accommodate your AC.

The smart choice for a portable and affordable AC is the Blaux portable AC.

Find out why.

Apart from the fact that you’ll like to keep your bills as low as possible, it is common knowledge that during the summer months, the prices of ACs shoot off the roof. It’s demand and supply – retailers like to secure a huge profit margin where they can. Buying an AC during the summer can prove to be an expensive ordeal.

For a fast and easy solution, this is where Blaux portable AC comes in.

Blaux portable ac

Blaux portable AC is an innovative 3-in-1 portable air conditioner that delivers quality air to your personal space.

Not only do you save costs on electricity by having your personal cooling system, but you also stay cool during the dry humid weather. Blaux portable AC comes with a cooling device, a humidifier, and an air purifier that keeps the air in your home fresh.

Indeed, Blaux portable is the one item that should be on your summer list.

In this article, we’ll take a look at this “must-have” summer item. We’ll find out what the hype is about this product. We’ll also take a look at its features; the good and bad.

At the end of the article, you’ll know whether you need this item, where you can buy it, and how you can you and maintain the product.

Let’s get into it.

What is the Blaux Portable AC

Blaux is one of the biggest names in the manufacture of innovative consumer health devices and services. The company has been at the forefront of delivering innovative consumer health products over the years. With Blaux portable AC being its latest innovation.

The portable AC is an innovative portable AC that helps to keep your personal space fresh. The Blaux portable AC also comes with a purifier and humidifier so you also get the best quality of air.

The Blaux portable AC is a cordless and lightweight device, which means – once charged, you can carry it with you from room to room, in your car, and even on your camping trips. Its portability makes this device a must-have for getting cool and fresh air anywhere.

What’s more.

The Blaux portable AC is designed to help you avoid high installation costs or huge electricity bills commonly associated with setting up your traditional AC.

A typical Blaux portable device comes with a type-C charging cable. The device functions without being plugged in, you can unplug the device when the battery is fully powered.

The device comes with curtains that filter cleans, and purifies the air. The Blaux portable device features 3 different fan speed options, so you can choose the most convenient cooling option for your personal space. You can also adjust the fan to change the direction of airflow.

The device also has a topwater tray that needs refilling every once in a while. However, the suave product design allows you to comfortably refill the tray without much hassle.

If you are concerned with beauty and design, the device is aesthetically design pleasing and a light feature that adds beauty and effect at night time.

A typical Blaux portable device comes with a 30-day return policy.

However, one drawback of the device is – Blaux portable AC is not a full room AC. It works to cool and purify your personal space, not the whole room.

Now, you have an idea of what the Blaux portable AC is, you should know what it offers and why you should consider buying the device.

blaux portable ac

Features of the Blaux portable AC

Minimal design and Compact Size

The Blaux portable AC is a compact and well-designed square AC box. It comes in a universal grey or white color which serves to highlight its aesthetic night time lighting feature.

The device is designed to blend in with your living space while adding to the look and feel of your personal space. You can place it on your workstation or your bedroom cupboard, and it’ll fit right in.


The stand out feature of the Blaux portable AC. Perhaps a good reason to consider pulling the purchase trigger on the device. The device is designed to help you control your personal space air quality. This means you can carry your device with you the same way you carry your mobile device – in your car, while you work out in your room while sitting on your workstation, etc.

Improves your air quality

The Blaux portable device comes with a 3-in-1 feature, which means – you get cool and dust and dirt-free air in your personal space. Also when the air gets dry, you can turn on the mist feature or humidifier to add some moisture to your personal space to prevent irritation.

Sufficient Battery

You don’t have to keep your portable AC plugged in all day to reap cool and clean air. The Blaux portable AC can last for a full day on a few hours of charge. This saves you the high cost of electric bills.

Easy to operate and clean

Imagine cleaning a window-mounted AC for a second. The number of man-hours that would go into uncoupling the air condition to take out the filters. Hours right?!

This is where the Blaux portable AC shines. It takes a minute to open up the device, pull out the curtain, and clean. Not to mention the ease of use and operation of the device.

No noise

An impressive feature of this device is the low noise it produces. The Blaux portable AC produces a quiet output of less than 40 dB. This is great as you can get your work done or take a nap without any noisy distractions from the device.

3-in-1 benefit

The best thing about the Blaux portable AC is that it gives you 3 times more benefits. You get a cooler, a humidifier, and a purifier for the price of one device.

How does the Blaux portable AC work?

The Blaux portable AC is incredibly easy to use. Here’s how does the device works;

For starters, the Blaux portable AC comes with a lithium battery and a type-C USB cable for charging. The lithium battery, when fully charged, can keep the device working an entire day. However, remember to maintain proper practices when using lithium batteries.

The Blaux portable AC functions by relying on electricity for cooling, also known as electrothermal cooling. This method of cooling doesn’t require liquid refrigerant to run through the machine like the typical window-mounted AC. Instead, solid metal is used to transfer electric energy. The thermal energy creates a cooling effect that powers the device. This cooling effect is what helps the portable AC to cool the surrounding air known as the Peltier effect.

Here’s how this works.

Peltier cooling works best in small spaces, this is what makes the Blaux portable AC so effective. The cooling system is best used in small devices like the Blaux portable device – it allows the portable AC to use less energy than a window-mounted AC. It also allows the Blaux portable AC to function for more hours on a few hours of charge.

There are many other benefits from the Peltier cooling effect that we see in the Blaux portable device such as the low noise and high efficiency in filtering and cleaning the air.

Finally, even though the Blaux portable device offers many great benefits using the electrothermal cooling effect, it works better for small spaces. This great if you are looking to keep your personal workspace or bed space, this portable device is a great choice for you.

Benefits of the Blaux Portable device

The Blaux portable AC device offers a simple and efficient way to improve the quality of your personal space. However, many other benefits come with the Blaux portable AC.

Here are a few;

• Perhaps the most obvious, the Blaux portable AC requires no technical knowledge for installation.

• The device is great at cooling small spaces without consuming much electrical energy.

• You don’t need a large room space to use your portable device.

• The Blaux portable device doesn’t require extensive maintenance when compared to window-mounted AC. It takes a minute or less to clean and disinfect your device.

• The Blaux portable AC is easy to operate and easy to use.

• You can carry the device into different spaces to cool and purifier your personal spaces. The device is highly portable.

•The Blaux portable AC can cool and purify any personal space.

• The device is a simplistic and aesthetic feature that tends to beautify your living space.

Finally, the Blaux Portable AC is a 3-in-1 device that not only helps you to keep cool in the summer but also to maintain quality control of the air in your personal space. As the summer gets hotter, you might consider getting the Blaux Portable AC to help you manage the discomfort that comes with the sweltering heat of the summer.

Why do you need the Blaux Portable Air Conditioner?

By now you are probably thinking to yourself if you need this portable AC, right?

Anyways, read on to find out why we think devices are a must-have.

Apart from the obvious low price and zero maintenance cost, the Blaux portable air conditioner gives you a bang for your buck. With 3-in-1 functionality, you get a cooler, humidifier, and a purifier to improve the quality of your personal space.

Furthermore, with the Blaux portable AC, you get quality air anywhere you go as you can carry the device with you. You can keep your workspace cool and fresh with your work, you can also enjoy your daily home workouts by having cool filter air nearby. The portability of the Blaux portable AC means that you can stay fresh and cool at all times, once your device is charged.

In comparison to the window-mounted air condition system, the Blaux portable device is relatively quieter and save you a lot of money as it doesn’t incur repair, maintenance, and installation fees, If you are looking for a reason to buy the portable device, think of all the money it’ll save you, then make your choice.

The Blaux gives you and your family a perfect alternative not just to the static window-mounted AC, but also the more expensive and bogus portable AC.

How to use the Blaux portable AC

As we’ve discussed, unlike the window-mounted AC, the portable AC is as simple and easy to operate as your smartphone.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to ensure optimal performance of the Blaux portable AC;

  • After the purchase of the device, charge the device to full power.
  • The device needs a few ice cubes inserted in the AC unit to get started(this can take a few hours.)
  • Always use the device in high power as it tends to perform optimally.
  • Charge the device with the type-C USB cable once you notice the power has gone low to ensure it functions optimally.
  • Add water to the water tray to use the mist/humidifier.
  • Regularly clean and disinfect the filter – to keep the air clean.

The Blaux portable AC device is easy to use, you can get familiar with its operation without using a manual. You can start using the device immediately after charging the battery. The Blaux portable AC will prove to be the answer to the hot summer as it cools your personal space, just like a window-mounted AC system would. Best of all, it is easy to use and you can carry it anywhere you like.

Pro and cons of the Blaux portable AC

The Blaux portable AC an efficient and portable device that helps to keep your cool and fresh, it is also easy to use and saves you a tonne of cash in maintenance cost and electricity bills.

However, there are also some not-so-pleasant sides to this device that you should consider before pulling the trigger on the purchase.

But first, let’s consider the cons of the Blaux portable AC


  • Easy to operate
  • has 3-in-1 functionality
  • Functions perfectly to cool and regulate humidity
  • easy to carry about and easily used anywhere.
  • Strong and long-lasting battery life
  • Aesthetically pleasing look and design
  • Low noise, less than 30dB
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Has aesthetic lighting that beautifies your nighttime space


  • Purchase can only be made on the company’s website
  • Stock is limited

Customer Reviews of Blaux Portable AC

Since the release of the latest version of the device, the demand for the Blaux portable AC has soared. Here’s what customers have to say about the device:

“I was skeptical about the functionality of the device since it was so small and unusual. But I decided to give it a try because it was affordable – I figured if it didn’t work out, I’d request a money-back or I’ll forget about it. To my surprise, this device has proved to be worth every penny I paid for it and more. I highly recommend it.”

“I have dry skin and high temperatures with dry humidity are not my favorite time of the year. Even extremely cold and high humidity bugs my skin out. I got the Blaux portable AC with hopes of at least soothing my face to prevent breakouts as I work on my desktop, and while I slept. I have been my most trusted companion ever since I got it. The device is simply convenient and easy to use, Most importantly, for a few pennies I spent on it, it has solved most of my problems.”

“I got the device to help manage the heat at my office. The dry heat makes work so uncomfortable and unbearable. The Blaux portable device not only helps to manage the humidity of my office space but keeps me cool while tackling difficult tasks. I believe everyone needs one of these, it solves all your problems.”

Blaux Portable AC Price

We know the question on your minds, How much does the Blaux Portable AC cost? Is it worth the cost and does it deliver what I pay for?

Here’s a breakdown of the pricing on the company’s website;

The Blaux Portable AC costs 89.99$ for one device. The other packages are 179.98$ for two, 202.48$ for three and 247.47$ for four Blaux Portable Air conditioners.

The company currently offers a lucrative discount on the device. However, the promo is not billed to last long.

If you are looking to buy this device, take advantage of this special offer as the portable device keeps on winning more and more customers from the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and other European countries.

Where to buy Blaux Portable AC

Now that you know how much the device costs, you will be unfairly done by – if we didn’t point you in the right direction to purchase the device.

As we’ve discussed, the device can only be purchased on the company’s website. When you buy from the company’s website, you are sure you get what you pay for.

The website allows multiple payment options, including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, etc. And you’ll be glad to know that payment information is always secure with a 256-Bit SSL encryption.

General information about air coolers (Blaux Portable AC Reviews)

The Blaux Portable AC provides you with a cool and fresh air to combat the heat that comes with the summer sun. More than that, with the Blaux portable AC, you have a humidifier that helps to keep your personal space hydrated.

Using electrothermal energy, the Blaux combines innovation with design to reduce your energy consumption.

Here how the portable AC works;

The fan is responsible for letting cool air out into your personal space. The cool air comes from water that has been filled in the water tray of your Blaux portable device.The main idea is to allow the slow but steady cooling of the ambiance. As the cool air mixes with the warm air in your personal space, an irreversible cooling effect of the electrothermal cooling takes place. You can make the air even cooler and remove warm air by adding ice cubes or more cooling elements to the water tank. You can also soak the curtain or filter in cold water before turning the device on.

The Blaux portable AC doesn’t only produce cool air, but it also lowers room temperature to keep down the heat of your personal space and also improve the quality of air in your personal space.

When the weather is hot and dry, the Blaux portable device is suitable for keeping your workspace cool and fresh.

After we’ve considered the many positives of owning this device, we must at least address some of the failings of the device.

For one, the device only works to cool small spaces – the cooling effect cannot be felt in a large room but personal space. So if you are looking more power to cool your living room or your bedroom, this device doesn’t solve that for you.

If temperature and humidity get more unbearable in the summer, you may have to invest in a large portable AC, however, the Blaux portable AC is great for smaller spaces and less humidity.

The blaux portable AC offers you a quick effective solution to uncomfortable and irritating heat and humidity. It is a cost-effective, quiet, and portable solution. You get cleaner, fresher air in your personal space as you work or when you sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions (Blaux Portable AC Reviews)

Understandably, since the Blaux portable AC is a new, exciting and innovative product in the market, you may have questions that we haven’t addressed in this review.

This section, here are some of the more frequently asked questions of the Blaux Portable AC;

What is a portable AC unit? A portable AC unit is an air conditioning device that can cool an area without being installed directly into the walls or vents. Portable AC units can vary in size, some are smaller and easily moved while others are bigger and more stationary.

How do you use Blaux Portable AC? The device is as simple and easy to use as using your smartphone.

Here’s how to use the device.

  1. Charge your device to maximum power after you buy it.
  2. Soak your curtain for a few minutes in icy cold water., then insert it into the device. This gives you cooler air when you turn on the device.
  3. Fill the water tray with water, preferably cold water – this also helps to generate cool air in your personal space.
  4. Turn on your device and let it run for a few minutes. After 10- 15 minutes, you’ll begin to enjoy the cool and fresh air the device produces.

Does Blaux Portable AC use air filters? Yes. This device uses curtains to filter dust and irritants. The filter can be used without cleaning for 6-8 months. However, you should long to clean and disinfect the curtain as frequently as monthly to maintain clean and fresh air. The curtain can also be replaced- go on the company’s official product website.

Who is behind Blaux Portable AC? This device is produced by Blaux, a subsidiary of Hong Kong’s Strong Current Enterprises, Limited. The company is a titan in the manufacture of consumer health products, devices, and services.

Final verdict (The Blaux portable AC)

Blaux portable Ac offers an excellent cooling option if you are looking to reduce the cost of your electricity bill. Also if you are looking to avoid the hassle that comes with installing a window-mounted AC. Even though the device doesn’t produce the same power as a typical Ac, it does the job of keeping your cool and circulating air in your personal space. Note that the device is ideal for small spaces, not greater than 45 yards.

The highlight of this innovative product is its compactness and portability. Many users love that the device is mobile – they can carry the device with them everywhere to keep cool.

Finally, the Blaux portable AC is a viable, cost-effective solution for maintaining a cool and fresh personal space, and most importantly, you can carry it with you anywhere you go.